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A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an executive officer which oversees the financial functions of a company, including analyzing budgets, managing cash flow, and overseeing finance reporting and compliance. Did you know that the most recent studies show the average salary for a CFO in the United States is $125,026, according to For most small and mid-sized businesses, paying this salary is well outside of the budget.

With our first-rate Virtual CFO Services, you can sleep better at night knowing that we are continuously monitoring your business finances and health for any abnormalities or opportunities. You can’t put a price tag on quality of life. Now that’s real value and how we, at Strategic VFO "Accountants & Tax Strategists" are superior to other Accounting practices.

We believe that our combined 45 years of experience in executive financial controllership and accounting roles, accentuated by small business ownership in many types of industries,  encompass the precise skills and expertise necessary to help you navigate your way to success. We know what it takes to make a business successful and profitable, so let us help you and your business reach its full potential.

We understand and are compassionate about the daily pressures and challenges you face operating your business, therefore we do not just give you advice. We differentiate ourselves because we actually roll up our sleeves, come along side you and share the load. Only then do we offer our guidance and advice based on the information compiled.  We know your time should be spent focusing on running and growing your business strategies so you can achieve the successes you so richly deserve.

Our Virtual CFO Service is affordable and well within your budget costing a mere fraction of what large corporations pay.  Just because you are a small or mid-sized business does not mean that you should not have access to the resources that can truly differentiate your business. You no longer have to run your business without a skilled CFO. We want to be your partner and advocate.  So, why delay? Contact us now and get started on achieving the kind of results you know you are capable of achieving in your business.

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