Brandy W Ioppolo


Brandy began learning the true definition of work ethic at the age of 12. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to work side by side with her father for a couple of decades, who was a successful entrepreneur in the restaurant business, being featured in Inc. Magazine two years in a row as one of the fastest growing small businesses in the nation.

Brandy’s high school graduation, she earned the position of Assistant Manager in the fast food restaurant industry. She was the recipient of the Night Manager of the Year Award at the age of 19, competing with 36 other restaurant Night Managers, due to her ability to increase sales over previous year’s sales, achieve sales levels over forecasted sales budgets and minimize costs. Brandy quickly climbed the ladder and earned the title of Restaurant Manager, then onto becoming a Multi-Unit Supervisor. She heightened her experience in the restaurant business by managing multiple fast food restaurants as well as full service restaurants. The various restaurant types were also franchised and independently owned. During her tenure, Brandy gained expertise in many facets of the restaurant industry; including event and banquet coordination, which she was able to add $250,000 in annual sales during the first start-up year in operations for a multi-million dollar full-service restaurant. She also gained extensive experience in creating and implementing training systems, maximizing revenue, minimizing food and labor costs, minimizing employee turnover, minimizing workman’s compensation related cases and many more areas that are crucial for success in the restaurant industry.

Brandy incorporated her restaurant management experience into working within the accounting side of the industry. She perfected her ability to locate operational issues which were occurring at the restaurant level by analyzing the financial statements. Brandy ultimately became the Accounting Manager for a Franchisee whom operated 30 fast food restaurants and 3 full service restaurants. She successfully supervised a team of 5 Accountants during her tenure placing emphasis on cash flow management, multiple state: sales and alcohol tax reporting, payroll tax reporting, preparing sales forecasts, enforcing cost minimizing procedures and much more.

Brandy used her management and accounting skills and became a licensed realtor in the state of Florida. Due to Brandy’s drive and motivation to inspire others, she quickly became a certified national sales trainer for a global real estate company. She earned the position of Recruiter/Training Director and was able to effectively recruit and train her team, which resulted in a 300% increase in the number of licensed realtors within her first year.

Along her travels, Brandy has been an owner/operator in numerous businesses all of which she was fully responsible for all aspects of accounting and financial reporting. These businesses were in varied industries from a multiple-unit retail company, a multiple-unit service provider company, a video distribution company and a candy manufacturing company. Brandy’s ability to lead and motivate people, successfully operate small businesses as well as managing the accounting and financial side has inspired her to use her experience to become the President of Profit First Accounting & Consulting. Brandy has also obtained her Financial Operations Specialist Certification (Summa Cum Laude), Financial Operations Certification (Summa Cum Laude), A.A. Degree (Summa Cum Laude) and is finalizing her B.A. in Accounting Degree at the University of Central Florida. Brandy also has the ability to provide Notary Services. Brandy’s drive to help others succeed in their business ventures, be actively involved with the community and develop lasting relationships is certainly cause for you to allow her to work for you.

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