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Do not risk fines, penalties and headaches. Attempting to do payroll on your own for your small business could put you at risk of facing IRS penalties and fines, and late tax filings. Let Strategic VFO "Accountants & Tax Strategists" process your payroll for you and take care of the burden in calculating payroll taxes. 

We can process your payroll (i.e., 1099’s, 1096’s, W-2’s and W-3’s) and fringe benefits.  We can also e-file your payroll taxes for you (i.e., 940’s, 941’s).  We will ensure your payroll taxes are compliant to state and federal laws.  We are in the position to provide adequate planning, guidance and compliance necessary for all current and potential changes in payroll legislation.  In addition, we can generate several payroll reports, since for most small and mid-sized business owners, this is a major expense of your business.

Please let us take care of your payroll to avoid the risk of facing IRS penalties and fines, late tax filings and unhappy employees. 

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